Nerd Nite IX 7.9.15

* Team Trivia 7-8pm
* We love Miami Summers: Mosquitos! by Tanjim Hossain
There is a lot of misinformation out there about msoquitoes – which is bad because Miami is at high risk for mosquito-borne diseases. There is also a lot of pseudoscience out there about genetic modification about mosquitoes. Hossain, an NSF-funded UM graduate research fellow, shared the truth about mosquitos.
* We love Miami Summers: Hurricanes! by Angela Colbert
Hurricanes are a reality for Miamians every summer. Hurricane season is technically from June 1st – November 30th (you know, when you can’t stand going outside because you sweat and wonder why you bother to shower). That same humid air that makes Miami so lovely in the summer is one of the many ingredients needed to create a hurricane. Hurricanes are forever intertwined with Miami’s history.