Nerd Nite Miami is a monthly event during which several folks give fun-yet-informative presentations while the audience drinks along.  It's like the Discovery Channel... with beer!  The drinking is just as important as the learning.
Join us on the 2nd Thursday of each month
Fun & Games 6:00-7:00pm
Presentations 7:30-9:30pm
 Gramps Bar, Wynwood
 176 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127
Upcoming Events:

Nerd Nite Miami 12.14.17

6:00 – 7:00pm  Powerpoint Roulette
Powerpoint Roulette is a game in which participants deliver a slideshow presentation to the audience without knowing the content of the slides beforehand.
Make it up as you go along! Each person gets 12 slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds, for a total of 4 minutes of speaking time.

7:30pm Presentations begin

1) Forensic Anthropology
by Tony Morales (March 2017, “I See Dead People and So Can You!: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology”)

Tony will revisit forensic anthropology and dig deeper into ancestry and pathologies in biological profiling.

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2) Mind
by Aldrich Chan (July 2017, “Intellectual Pornography: Viewing the World Through the Lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Zen”)

This presentation will explore the boundaries of the mind from a scientific lens. Fascinating research studies, diagnoses and theories will be discussed.

Aldrich Chan received his doctorate from Pepperdine University. Throughout his training he was placed at several major hospitals including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and the Ryder Trauma Center. He was mentored by two founders of interpersonal neurobiology: Dan Siegel, M.D. and Louis Cozolino. PhD. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow specializing in Neuropsychology at the University of Miami. His research focus is on internally oriented cognition and the Default Mode Network in relation to neurologic and mental disorders.
Schedule for the night:

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3) The Bombastic Beauty of the Baroque
by Marc Magellan (November 2017, “Medieval Architecture 101
Or How I Learned to Stop Being a Basic Bitch When Visiting the Medieval Cathedrals of France”)

“If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it.” [***Insert healthy guffaw or wry smile***] Poppycock! The brilliance of the Baroque style, developed between roughly 1600-1750 C.E., is often overshadowed by the glory of the Renaissance and the Italian artists who gave their names to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or sometimes, the Baroque is interpreted as merely an extension of the Renaissance tradition. This presentation will serve as a crash course on the subject and aim to depict the Baroque style as not merely a butt of third-rate jokes, but as the beautiful, bombastic, and bewitching genre that it is.

Marc Magellan is an assistant professor of humanities at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus. In addition to teaching and taking classes, Magellan plays guitar intermittently, goes to concerts and art galleries, eats great food, and attends cultural events all over the greater Miami area. Furthermore, he is an avid traveler who relishes any opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring edifices and museums of Europe, which is, coincidentally, where he learned what the word “edifice” means.


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Save the dates:
January 14 Nerd Nite at Gramps
February 1 Nerd Nite at PAMM (Ladies Nite!)
February 8 Nerd Nite at Gramps
Past events:
Nerd Nite I  10.8.14
 Words of Power by John Kirby
 Mysterious sounds from marine critters by Erica Staaterman
 DIY BCI: Brain technology for everyday life by Max Jackson
Nerd Nite II  11.13.14
 Waves by Nathan Laxague (co-boss)
 Psychology of Change by Ivan Dynamo De Jesus
 Nursing Coral Reefs To Recovery by Stephanie Schopmeyer
Nerd Nite Special Event  12.10.14
 "The Science behind Science Fiction"
 Presented by COSEE FL, Nerd Nite Miami,and the
 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival
Nerd Nite III  1.8.15
 Tiny houses by William Visel
 To Infinity and Beyond: A look at the evolution of computer visual effects in motion pictures by Dean Lyon
 The History of Elephants in Miami by Nathaniel Sandler
Nerd Nite IV  2.12.15
 Evolutionary Psychology by Melissa Blundell Osorio (co-boss)
 Mineralogy by Kelsey Marzolf
 Making diamonds by John Janitz
Nerd Nite V  3.12.15
 "How Basketball Went Global" by fitness coach Dre Baldwin
 "Rape, Drugs, and Pornography: A Story of Human Trafficking in Miami" by attorney Roy Altman
 "Personalities in Math History and the Mathematical Experience" by math badass Chelsey Hoff
Nerd Nite VI  4.9.15
 "Isotopes of ET" by Troy Bernier
 "What’s Up With Psychiatry? An Outsider’s Experience of Working in the Field" by Tim Ryan
 "Big Bounce and Multiverses in Quantum Cosmology" by M.E. Hogan
Nerd Nite VII 5.14.15
 "Gravity, Space & Time. Chainsaws, Fire & Friends" by Shaka Brown
 "The unintended effects of using products" by Zoey Chen
 "Wetware Programming" by Michael T. Moore
Nerd Nite VIII  6.11.15
 "The E.T. Files: Move Over Men in Black!" by Derek Demeter
 "The Rise of Low T - The Marketing of Testosterone" by Vineeth Mohan
 "DNA Nanotechnology: A Breakthrough For Us All" by Felix Sosa
Nerd Nite IX 7.9.15
 Team Trivia
 We love Miami Summers: Mosquitos! by Tanjim Hossain
 We love Miami Summers: Hurricanes! by Angela Colbert
Nerd Nite X  8.13.15
 "A Look at the Uncanny Valley" by Dean Lyon
 "The future of IVF: flirting with the limits" by Amanda Butler
 "How Playing Board Games Can Save Your Life" by John Gulla
Nerd Nite XI 9.10.15
 "Art, Craft, Beauty, Mingei and Malcolm Galdwell’s 10,000 hours" by James Herring
 "Why do passwords suck, and what you can do about it" by Alan Goldman
 "Sex Underwater: A Slightly Inappropriate Musical Revue" by Gary Bremen
Nerd Nite XII 10.8.15
 Nerd Nite turns 1!! Birthday party!
 "Invasive Species: What You Don’t Want To Know" by Tom Jackson
 "The Power of Body Language in Dating" by Virginia Jimenez
 "Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Sharks" by David Shiffman
Nerd Nite XIII 11.12.15
The 6 finalists for the CappSci Inventors prize at the Frost Science Museum
Special Event: Saltwater Chemistry  11.18.15
Tours of saltwater labs at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School
 The Science of Brewing Beer by Saltwater Brewery's head brewer
Nerd Nite XIV 12.10.15
Gary Bremen -"Why National Parks?"
Alan Goldman -"Is It Ok to Use Public WiFi - Encryption Demystified"
John Gulla -"The Narrative Revolution WILL Be Televised: How video games are changing the way we tell stories"
Nerd Nite XV 1.14.16
"No More Secrets: Hacking, CyberStalking, Surveillance & You" by Mike Anderson
 "Joint By Joint" by Flip Aguilera
 "Online Dating Decoded: The Secrets to Getting the Dates You Want" by Wade McNary
Nerd Nite XVI 2.11.16
 "This Is Your Brain On Music” by Walter Bradley
 “The Science of the Creative Process” by Teo Castellanos
 “The Rhythm of Language –Poetry in Miami” by Scott Cunningham
Nerd Nite XVII 3.10.16
"The Impacts of Climate Change You May Not Know About" by Ta-Shana Taylor
 "Why You Suck At Learning Languages" by Jeff Peterson
 "Natural History of the Asshole" by Steven Whitfield
Nerd Nite XVIII 4.14.16
"Boogie Nights: How to Dance Your A** Off and Your Brain On" by Carolyn Margolin
"Talk Nauti To Me" by Joshua L. Marano M.A., RPA
"The Art of Revealing Art" by Silvia Manrique

Nerd Nite XIX 5.12.16
The Science of Friendship by Annik Babinski
TB Or Not TB – Arose By Many Other Names by Shaka Brown
Snake Oil: The $27 Billion Bullshit Industry by George Tucker

Nerd Nite XX 6.9.16
Hacking Reality Through Storytelling by Alex De Carvalho
How To Tell A Story Through Film Editing by Stephan Rich
How To Nicely Manipulate People: Get What You Want From Everyone and Still Be Liked by Maryan Firpo

Nerd Nite XXI 7.14.16
Sex, Drugs, and Happiness by Melissa Blundell Osorio
A Brief History of Non-Monogamy by David Ghenassia
Through Galadriel’s Looking-Glass: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Role in Fantasy Through Past, Present, & Future by Nathan Laxague

Nerd Nite XXII 8.11.16
Black Dreams Matter: Understanding the Black Sci-Fi Movement by Jeff Carroll
Namesake: How Some of the More Ridiculous Places in Florida Got Their Names by Laura Chaibongsai
Mosquitoes = Bad by Tanjim Hossain

Nerd Nite Miami 9.8.16
Adventures and Misadventures in Marine Biology by Ian Enochs
Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?: The Infrastructure of the Internet by Brian LeBlanc
Graphic Classes: Why Graphic Novels should be a Literature Teacher’s Best Friends” by Adam Schachner

Nerd Nite Miami XXIV 10.13.16

“The Miami Dance Index: Dance, Cities, and the Future of Miami-Dade” by citizen kevin”Can Harry Potter Fans Change the World?” by Anna Dilernia “FUTURLAWMA! 21st Century Solutions to 31st Century Problems” by Justin Wales

Dueling Conspiracies: Battle Royale of Obscurity! 10.27.16

Nerd Nite Miami XXV 11.10.16

“The Good Old Days: Growing Up On Biscayne Bay” by Captain Dan Kipnis
“#BayDrift: Using nerds like you to find the solution to pollution.” by Laura Bracken Chaibongsai
“A Dredgeful Situation: PortMiami, corals, and the endangered species act.” by Rachel Silverstein
Nerd Nite Miami XXVI 12.8.16
Brian Leblanc – the internet
Ta-Shana Taylor – opt outside
Steven Whitfield – dicks
Nerd Nite Miami XXVII 1.12.1 (worst presidents)
Herbert Hoover – according to Roy Altman
Dick Cheney – according to Stephan Rich
All the presidents – according to Nathaniel Sandler
Best of Nerd Nite Miami at PAMM 2.2.17
“Everything I know in life I learned from sharks ” by David Shiffman
“Graphic Classes: Why graphic novels should be a teacher’s best friend” by Adam Schachner
“Sex Underwater: A slightly inappropriate musical revue” by Gary Bremen
Nerd Nite Miami XXVIII 2.9.17

Trust Vs. Trustworthiness: The Distinction That Can Impact Your Happiness by Virginia A Jimenez
Ocean Currents: why are they important and how do oceanographers measure them by Arthur Mariano, PhD
Self-Determination Theory: The Science Behind Motivation by Flip Aguilera

Nerd Nite Miami XXIV 3.9.17

Ancient Aliens and Crystal Skulls: The Stellar Truth About Archaeoastronomy by Mallory Fenn
Snakes in the (saw)Grass by Dawn Shirreffs
I See Dead People and So Can You!: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology by Tony Morales

Nerd Nite Miami XXV 4.13.17
*Smithsonian Earth Optimism sister event
“Tag You’re it! How Anglers are protecting fish populations” by Peter Chaibongsai, The Billfish Foundation
“Seahorses: Magical Creatures in Our Backyard” by Emilie Stump, Project Seahorse
Engaging Miami in Science Conservation” by Fernando Bretos, Frost Science Museum

Nerd Nite Miami XXV 5.11.17
Banned Books: What’s Your Number? by Madhuri Nagaraj
WTH is ML? (What the Hell is Machine Learning?) by Ivan Bliskavka
Fuck You Mr. Garrison, Some Drugs are Phenomenal by Ari Kane

Nerd Nite Miami XXVI 6.8.17

One Word: Plastics by Nathan Laxague, PhD
Fat or Fiction: Debunking Nutrition Myths by Amanda Gilhool
Biodiversity in Miami by Chelle King

Nerd Nite Miami XXVII 7.13.17

Intellectual Pornography: Viewing the World Through the Lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology by Aldrich Chan, Psy.D.
The Other Pink Bird by Elizabeth Ann Lago
Do As I Say: The Art and Science of Persuasion by Sara Yousuf

Nerd Nite Miami XXVIII 8.10.17
So You Think You Know About Criminal Justice ‘Cause You Binge-Watch “Orange is the New Black?”: You Don’t Know Dick About Penology by Nick Petersen, Ph.D.
They Call Me Ethnically Ambiguous: A Personal Narrative on the Social Construction of Race and Identity by Christian Lindo
Spinoza’s Ethics: A Heretic’s Guide to Enlightenment and the Afterlife by Kris Arca

Nerd Nite Miami 9.20.17
So… How Exactly Did the Russians Hack the Election, Anyway? by Eleazar Melendez
Want To Spank A Nice Bald Deer? by Alex de Carvalho
Reprogramming the Human Mind: An Experience of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Jason Schneider

Nerd Nite Miami 10.12.17
Hurricanes Now and In the Future by Canes on Canes
Keeping Dade County Wild! by Lloyd Brown
Stress and The Mind-Body Connection (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) by Tina Parlato

Nerd Nite Miami 11.9.17
Zoonotic Infectious Diseases: Are We That Different From Animals?  by Felix Contreras-Castro
What Can Mahi-Mahi Teach Us About the Effects of Marine Oil Spills?  by Lela Schlenker and Christina Pasparakis
Medieval Architecture 101 (Or How I Learned to Stop Being Basic When Visiting the Medieval Cathedrals of France) by Marc Magellan