Nerd Nite Miami is a monthly event during which several folks give fun-yet-informative presentations while the audience drinks along.  It’s like the Discovery Channel… with beer!  The drinking is just as important as the learning.

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March 9, 2024: Nerd Nite Book Launch!

Join us at Books & Books to celebrate the launch of the very first Nerd Nite book!

Books & Books and Nerd Nite are proud to present an evening with Nerd Nite cofounders Matt Wasowski and Chris Balakrishnan presenting their new book: How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi: Collected Quirks of Science, Tech Engineering and Math from Nerd Nite. He will be joined by Nerd Nite Miami bosses Laura Chaibongsai and Melissa Blundell-Osorio.


Matt Wasowski, Nerd Nite co-founder–special presentation

Laura Chaibongsai–Military Marine Mammals: Dolphins So Smart They Should Give Their Own Nerd Nite Presentation

Melissa Blundell-Osorio–Sex, Drugs, and Happiness


About the book:

“In the vein of Atlas Obscura and Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry, HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE FUNGI (Feb 20, St. Martin’s Press) is a collection of wacky, fascinating pieces on STEM topics, from the global science phenomenon Nerd Nite.
For 21 years, Nerd Nite has delivered to live audiences around the world the most interesting, fun, and informative presentations about science, history, the arts, pop culture, and more. Now, Nerd Nite co-founders and college pals Matt Wasowski and Chris Balakrishnan bring readers the quirky and accessible science content that they crave–in book form.”

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Nerd Nite Pop Up – Miami History

Some true, some made up, all ridiculous!

June 22, 2023 – 7:00pm – Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Nerd Nite Miami is back for one night only! Join us at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens for a special evening of thinking and drinking. We’ll have talks on Miami’s salacious history that will be hard to believe.

Line up:

Who is Irene? And why did she have to die?
Join Rebecca  Peterson, Vizcaya’s Sr Manager for Community Programs, for a murder mystery game that sheds light into how we know some of what we know. There will be letters, photographs, and a whole lot of guessing. Fun will be had by all. 

Miami’s Creation Myth
Just as the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse had their gods, villains, and heroes, Miami now has a legendary saga based on the hyperbolic surrealism that is living in South Florida. Author Andrew Otazo will introduce you to a wholly unique universe with its own, often absurd, deities and norms. Along the way, you’ll learn answers to deep existential questions, such as: Where do croquetas come from? Who is the god of chisme? And why is everyone late to everything?

Henry Flagler- All That Glitters is Not Gold

Who truly was Henry Flagler? Join Ingrid E. Argueta, HistoryMiami Museum’s Coordinator of Education Programs and Community Engagement, as she reflects upon the impact this railroad tycoon had on South Florida. Listen as she brings to light the stories and contributions of those who facilitated Flagler’s success and helped led to the success of the Magic City. 

June 22, 2023

7:00pm Doors open
7:30pm Presentations Begin

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, 3251 South Miami Avenue
** Free admission. No tickets required. First come first serve seating. **

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Dec 15th: Best of 2022

Join us for Nerd Nite Miami’s Best of 2022 event, featuring Ron Magill!! TJ Morell! Jason Katz!

NB: This will be our last Nerd Nite Miami before a brief pause. We will post future events here, via email, and on social media. Stay in touch!

We’ll miss you all. Thank you to Gramps for hosting us and to all of you for sharing your nerdiness with us for over 8 years!

Nov 10th: World Heritage Sites, Pepper Hotness, Urban Corals

“Black Helicopters over the Everglades: Celebrating 50 Years of UNESCO’s World Heritage Program”
by Gary Bremen

You love to learn (yay!). You love to vacation (yay!). Money is tight (boo!). What’s a nerd to do?

Veteran Nerd Nite presenter Gary Bremen has a fool-proof plan to see the world’s very best sites so you can maximize learning and fun on your next vacation. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Convention, which protects this planets most iconic and amazing places…including 24 in the US, and one you can visit this weekend. Learn how to begin a quest that will make you the envy of everyone at your next cocktail party (and everyone on your Insta feed, too!). Gary Bremen has visited 269 of this country’s 423 National Parks, and 72 of 1154 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In his forthcoming retirement, he plans to work hard at upping those numbers BIG TIME!

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“Pepper Hotness”
by Laura Chaibongsai & Rebecca Peterson

How well do you know your peppers? Join the other two nerd nite bosses as we explore a class nerd nite topic – the scoville scale.

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“Living in Miami sucks (a coral’s perspective)”
by Michael Studivan

PortMiami is a highly-dynamic environment, experiencing tidal cycles, riverine inputs, and coastal construction on a daily basis (aka, a terrible place to live if you’re a coral, and a terrible place to dive if you’re a human). In the past decade, there have been several key events impacting Miami’s coral reefs including the port dredging and the appearance of the most deadly coral disease epidemic described to date, named stony coral tissue loss disease. Yet remarkably, many corals within the port appear to be thriving, and researchers at the University of Miami and NOAA are actively conducting research to find out why. Come see why this masochist chooses to dive in dirty garbage water of PortMiami over the crystal clear Biscayne National Park, and learn about the ‘urban corals’ in Miami.