Join us in celebrating 8 years of nerding out together in Miami!!
Presentations begin at 7:30pm sharp at Gramps Bar, Wynwood

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“Cryoablation: Putting the Freeze on Breast Cancer”

Breast cancer cryoablation is an outpatient minimally invasive nonsurgical alternative to treating breast cancer using ultrafreezing temperatures to kill tumor cells using a needle inserted through a tiny 3mm skin incision in the breast. We will discuss this innovative technology with how it works, real life examples, its current status and indications, and ongoing research.

Bio: Dr. Michael J. Plaza is a breast radiologist and breast interventional oncologist. He graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine followed by residency training in diagnostic radiology at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is fellowship trained in breast imaging and intervention which was completed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2013. He is a pioneer in breast cryoablation and performed the first breast cancer cryoablation in South Florida in 2017. He is a private practice radiologist for Diagnostic Center for Women and Alfa Diagnostics and holds academic appointments with FIU and LECOM training medical students and resident physicians. He is a fellow of the Society of Breast Imaging and has worked on multiple national multicenter clinical trials including FROST, ECOG-ACRIN 1141, and the WISDOM study.

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“Salsa: A dance, a language, a passion”
by Ana Zangroniz
(presenting remotely)

Salsa dancing has been a major pillar in Ana’s life for more than 20 years. Join us as she takes you on an abbreviated tour of her journey as well as learn about the life lessons she has taken away from her relationship with the dance.

Ana began salsa dancing in 2001 while attending Rochester Institute of Technology. Ana travels the world to dance but her favorite places to dance and teach are NY and DC. While in DC, Ana danced and performed with the Clave Kazi training team and taught classes in with Hector Chavez’ company, Latin Dance Vibe.

To support her beloved dog, Pilon (not Bustelo) and her travel/dancing addiction, Ana serves as the Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent for the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service in Miami-Dade County. She can also be found scuba diving in the waters of Biscayne National Park.

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“How To Sell Drugs: An inside look at the weird world of pharmaceutical naming”
by Alexa Lash

Have you ever wondered who creates those crazy drug names you see on the market? Ever try to understand why are there so many strange letter combinations? What is UP with all those X’s and Z’s? A branding expert will give you a new creative pill to swallow: how pharmaceutical brand names are created.

Alexa Lash is Senior Vice President, Creative Nomenclature and former head of the creative department at Brand Institute, a naming agency based out of Miami, Florida – a job she balances with her career as a musician. She has worked in pharmaceutical naming for over nine years, and in that time, has worked on thousands of brand naming projects, with some notable names you may have seen in commercials (but hopefully never had to take!).