The launch of Nerd Nite Miami!



Thanks for helping us celebrate the first ever Nerd Nite in the 305!

October 9, 2014  at  7:00pm

Gramps Bar
176 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127


The line up:

“DIY BCI: Brain technology for everyday life”
Max Jackson, University of Central Florida Neuroscience graduate student and Nerd Nite Orlando veteran

Technology is rapidly advancing in its ability to fix our brains when they break – but what would it look like if we could extend our brains when they’re healthy? This talk will be looking at ways in which brain-computer interfaces can transform our everyday lives, improving our ability to engage with the world, with ourselves, and with each other. 


“Mysterious sounds from marine critters”
Erica Staaterman, Ph.D candidate, University of Miami RSMAS Physical-Biological Interaction Laboratory, working under Dr. Claire Paris

Have you ever wondered what the ocean sounds like? You may be surprised to learn that small marine critters such as shrimp, lobsters, and fish, produce an astonishing array of sounds. We will dive in and entertain our acoustic senses.


“Words of Power”
John Kirby, University of Miami Classics Professor

Humans use language constantly: most basically, just to assess or describe what they perceive, in the world around them or in their minds. But some uses of language are different: they seem to contain within them a source of actual power over reality. What is this all about? Professor Kirby breaks it down for you at Nerd Nite.


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