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1) Girls Gone Wild: Women Protecting South Florida’s National Parks
by Gary Bremen

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’s activism on behalf of the Everglades and other ecosystems is legendary, but she is far from the only woman who played a significant role in creating and protecting national parks in our area. Celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage by meeting May Mann Jennings, Juanita Greene, Polly Redford and others who fought, and continue to fight, to create an environmental legacy here in South Florida.

Gary Bremen is a national park enthusiast, informal environmental educator, and a veteran Nerd Nite speaker.

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2) What’s Your Play Personality?
by Amy Baez

Is it possible to believe in science and Facebook quizzes? What if knowing your play personality could help you live your best life? Learn how to avoid the consequences of play deprivation, and discover how some Miami locals let their inner brilliance shine through play in unexpected ways.

Amy Baez is an award-winning author, pediatric occupational therapist, and founder of Playapy. Her mission is to transform the lives of women and children through storytelling, play, and educational resources. She has spent the last six months on her computer playing with her young patients through a teletherapy platform and creating videos on YouTube to help parents worldwide generate new ideas for play at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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3) Alligators, Advocacy, and Aliens and in the Everglades
by Ruscena Wiederholt & Keely Phillpotts

Do you like mosquitoes, snakes, dangerous predators, clean water, snorkeling, and birdwatching? Are you curious about the giant wetland in our backyard, the Everglades? The Everglades is one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the world and the home for thousands of species. Learn about some of its more famous residents and what The Everglades Foundation is doing to protect and restore it.

Ruscena Wiederholt Ph.D. is a Quantitative Ecologist at The Everglades Foundation and Keely Phillpotts is a Program Coordinator at The Everglades Foundation.

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