The Nerd Nite Miami 6 year anniversary!

Speakers and topics:

1) Banned Books: What’s your number?
by Madhuri Nagaraj

The power of language has always had the ability to influence people; the United States of America has been built on the concept of free speech since 1791. And yet throughout history, many books have been banned or challenged from the shelves of libraries. Come find our which books are frequent offenders, which books are classics, which books surprise you and how much of a rebellious reader you are!

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2) Discover the World of Genever
by Anthony Espinosa

A mainstay in the European Low Countries since the Middle Ages, genever arrived in the U.S. in the 1800’s and became the spirit of choice. Although the World Wars and Prohibition drove it into obscurity, mixologists have revived it in recent years, inspired by demand for both vintage recipes and even-more-creative-cocktails.

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3) Graduating from the Electoral College
by Kristofer Hernandez

You think you know how the U.S. elects its Presidents. But what really is the electoral college? Where is it? Why do we even have it? Come learn about the complicated reasons why the leader of the free world is chosen by only 538 people, and how that affects our democracy.

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