Presented by University of Miami’s Graduate Student Association
January 28, 2021 at 7:30pm via Zoom and Facebook Live.

We’re kicking off 2021 with a special Nerd Nite featuring 3 Florida nerd bosses from Nerd Nites Miami and Orlando. Join us for a beer in your sweatpants on your couch and get to know some nerd bosses better.

Line Up:

1) Military Marine Mammals: Dolphins So Smart They Should Do A Nerd Nite Presentationby Laura Chaibongsai, Nerd Nite Miami Co-Boss and UM Grad Alum

The best humans in the US Navy and the most advanced technologies don’t hold a candle to the abilities of marine mammals, such as dolphins and sea lions, when it comes to certain undersea missions. The US Navy’s Marine Mammal Program features some of the most highly trained animals in the world. Laura will share what these animals do and what makes perfect for the job.
Laura is a Nerd Nite Miami Co-Boss and marine science nerd.

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2) Why Toy Story is the Greatest Franchise of All Timeby Ricardo Williams, Nerd Nite Orlando Boss

So the world shuts down for a year. Many people are locked away in their homes due to quarantine. What do you with all that time inside? Deep clean? Finally fix that wobbly table in the living room? Start that epic screenplay you’ve been toying around with in your head for the past decade?…. D.) None of the above. You binge watch your favorite TV and movie series! In this talk, Ricardo Williams will go over how 2020 led him to re-think the quality and viability of some of our most cherished cinematic universes and why Toy Story is atop them all.
Ricardo Williams is the host of Nerd Nite Orlando, founder of Orlando For Revolution, and the owner of SOVRINOS LLC. Ricardo is also a filmmaker and musician. Currently, he writes about culture, history, and produces the show, “NERDIER THINGS”.

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3) A Brief History of Underwear
by Melissa Blundell-Osorio, Nerd Nite Miami Co-Boss

You’ve probably never given much thought to why we’ve come to wear underwear, but the history of it is a fascinating one! This presentation will explore the various purposes and functions of underwear, how it evolved over the years to the modern-day garments we wear, and how cultural attitudes around sex and gender are reflected in these intimate items.
Melissa is a Nerd Nite Miami Co-Boss and the Director of Education at the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum. Her nerdy interests are in human behavior, psychology, and anthropology, particularly when it comes to human sexuality.

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Thank you to our sponsor of this special event, UM’s Graduate Student Association. Can’t wait to have the UM students nerd out with us.