July 8, 2021
Gramps Bar. Wynwood

This month’s speakers and topics:

1) “Appearance and Reality”
by Dr. Aldrich Chan

What does it mean to reassemble models of reality? This presentation will discuss the various illusions our brainmind creates in order for our experience of reality to appear as it does.

Dr. Aldrich Chan is a neuropsychologist and author of Reassembling Models of Reality. He is the Founder of Center for Neuropsychology & Consciousness, Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University and Research Associate at University of Miami.

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2) “Threats to Dade County’s Wildlife”
by Lloyd Brown

This presentation will point out some of the major threats to the wild animals native to South Florida.

Lloyd Brown founded Wildlife Rescue of Dade County in 1995. Lloyd is licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and US Fish and Wildlife Service to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wild animals. He has rescued animals and taught others how to rescue animals all over the planet from South Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. This past February, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award from National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA), and in March he received the title of “Ambassador” from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). He is also a former Army Paratrooper and is currently a firefighter, paramedic, technical rescue technician, and dive rescue instructor for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

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3) “Watt walks”
by Dr. Anthony Krupp

What happens when a medieval pilgrim (or is he a rolled-up carpet? or is he a long wet dream?) enters an existentialist novel? Samuel Beckett’s Watt, that’s what. Not that Watt is a pilgrim, for he is not. In addition to getting a taste of the sparse stoic hilarity of Beckett’s language, you will learn about the history of walking, romanticism, vegetation, and music. You will also get to hear a world premiere, performed live, of a choral work when Tony Krupp and friends present “Ditch music (Op. 20).”

Tony Krupp has published on the history of childhood, the history of psychology, and German literature and thought. He is also an amateur singer, pianist, and composer. His day job involves teaching students to pick A, B, C, or D on standardized tests. (It’s more fun than it sounds!) The nights belong to his friends, loved ones, and (lately) fiction by Cervantes and Beckett.

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Schedule for the night:

7:00 Doors open
7:30 Presentations begin
9:00 Double Stubble