October 14, 2021 at 6:30pm, Gramps Bar, Wynwood

Help us celebrate our 7th birthday with beer, balloons, and 3 nerdilious talks!

This month’s speakers and topics:

“YouTube Tutorials can change your life” by Daniel Richter

While YouTube can be a complete timesuck of rabbit holes, if used correctly it can be life changing. Learning through YouTube videos can take you to places you would have never imagined. Everyone can use free content to learn new skills and follow their passions. Daniel Richter is a self-taught pianist, electronics technician, 3D modeler, arduino, youtuber, and now after moving from Venezuela to Miami 5 years ago, he found a career and path in his life, after so many years of being lost.

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“Girls Gone Wild: Women Protecting South Florida’s National Parks” by Gary Bremen

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’s activism on behalf of the Everglades and other ecosystems is legendary, but she is far from the only woman who played a significant role in creating and protecting national parks in our area. Meet May Mann Jennings, Juanita Greene, Polly Redford, and other women who fought, and continue to fight, to create an environmental legacy here in South Florida when Gary Bremen presents, “Girls Gone Wild: Women Protecting South Florida’s National Parks.” Veteran Nerd Nite Miami presenter Gary Bremen is a South Florida native with a passion for national parks and local history.

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“Python Hunting” by Dylann Turffs

Pythons have become the face of invasive species in South Florida and are often blamed for all of the Everglades’ problems. Dylann Turffs discusses how the python problem came to be and share stories of her experience encountering and removing pythons from the greater Everglades over the last decade. How does the way we value or fear certain animals shape how we choose to manage them and what treatment of them we tolerate and encourage? Dylann Turffs is a naturalist, environmental educator, and outreach specialist with nearly a decade of experience nerding out about south Florida’s natural spaces.