Nerd Nite Miami
Thursday, November 11, 2021
Gramps Bar, Wynwood

This month’s speakers and topics:

1) “The Committee Thanks You For Your Time.”
by Stephanie Block

Violist Stephanie Block talks about the role of grit and determination in her life as a childhood cancer survivor, triathlete, and professional musician. This is an in-depth look at the crazy process of orchestral auditions, the reality of being a professional musician, the many connections between athletics and music, and the life-threatening months that inspired it all. Stephanie presents a raw and self-deprecating perspective on failure, dimmed hope, and the importance of never giving up when you can’t help but love the path you’ve chosen.

Stephanie Block is a violist in the New World Symphony. A graduate of The Juilliard School, she has appeared on PBS NewsHour and PBS American Masters and has performed all over the world as a chamber musician and orchestral musician. Stephanie is a survivor of the rare cancer Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and has raised money for research since high school. She has appeared as a recurring speaker for Miami Cancer Institute’s “Inspire You” and has organized monthly visits to Sylvester Cancer Center. Stephanie is a division winner in several Chicago-area triathlons and a top finisher in the Chicago Triathlon.

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2) “Orgazmik After Dark..the Sexy side of healing and connection”
by Diane Vich

When the lights go out and you are alone or with a partner – healing and connection can be taken to new heights with Orgazmik Multi-sensory Meditations. You will go on a sensory journey to open you up to the possibilities of Orgazmik healing. Join us as we taste and experience the sweet, savory and seductive side of meditation.

Diane Vich is a registered nurse, author, nursing professor, hypnotist and holistic health coach who helps people overcome chronic illness and pain through mind, body and soul connection. Through her own experience healing herself with alternative therapies, Diane helps clients overcome trauma, chronic disease, digestive issues and negative patterns that impact their health.

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3) “Falafels in Fallujah”
by Pete Wintersteen

A former Marine infantryman reflects on memory as it relates to combat, death and your favorite place to get a bite to eat.

Pete Wintersteen is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Illiterate in several languages, but a late-90s pie-eating contest champion, he rarely backs down from a challenge or opportunity to learn something new. With a BS in Natural Resource Studies from UMass Amherst and an MFA in Visual Art from the Lesley University College of Art and Design, he has pivoted from the profession of combat arms to the profession of environmental conservation and science communication. He enjoys contemplating humanity’s odd conundrums like the relativity of humor, cognitive dissonance being a trait diagnostic of Homo sapiens, and the imperative truth of our best human traits presenting alongside our worst.