December 9, 2021 * 7-9pm * Gramps Bar, Wynwood

We have invited 3 of our favorite speakers back to entertain you and teach you something new. Join us in celebrating the end to this very strange year!

1) Patty Suau
– Coming off a busy week at Art Basel, the TinyFcknPix lady will be back to share more of her art with us.

Patty is a sassy and spunky artist choosing drawing as her medium for communicating across different cultures. A formative moment in her evolution as an artist came in 2013 when she debuted TinyFcknPix, a series of miniature erotic drawings framed in large formats. The series was born from the desire to heal the pain of breaking up with her ex-fiance and figuring out her self-confidence. Today the works continue to evolve, varying in size but always addressing self-love, connection, intimacy and emotional intelligence.

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2) “Maximizing Your Rewards”
by Joe Brutus
– The credit card guy will be back to share more about credit cards – A teasing insight into the history of credit card rewards!!

Joe Brutus is a Miami Hurricane and FIU Panther alum. Prefers frequent short walks to the fridge over long walks on the beaches. Somehow stumbled into the financial industry during the ’08 recession.

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3) “Why the UFC exists”
by Flip Awesome Aguilera
– Since hand to hand combat began there has always been the question “what’s the best system to protect oneself”? The first Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) were put on to answer this very question. Once the lights were on, which system came out on top? Which system reigned supreme?

Join Nerd Nite Colorado Springs Boss (and Nerd Nite Miami alum) Flip Awesome Aguilera as he takes us back through time to help us find out!