Come join us for a beer, learn something new, and meet fellow nerds.
Every second Thursday of the month at Gramps!

This month’s speakers are:

“The Making of Awesome: Participatory Public Art at Vizcaya” by Rebecca Peterson (nerd boss)
At Vizcaya, being a community resource means including the community in the creation of Awesome. Awesome art, awesome stories, awesome experiences. We all know where it starts, but the community decides where it ends. It means handing over the story, handing over the control, handing over agency to the community. The result: the art becomes the community’s; the story becomes the community’s; Vizcaya becomes the community’s. And it’s awesome.
Bio: Rebecca Peterson is the Community Programs Manager at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and a Boss of Nerd Nite Miami.

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“Sound Visualization” by Matt Laskowski
The “Professor” (Matt Laskowski) developed a fondness for twiddling synthesizers knobs. Thursday you will *see* sound and get a feel for what happens when waves crash together. Drink ticket prizes if you do well on the “Quiz”!

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MORAES” by TJ Morrell

MORAES is a nonprofit organization started here in Miami by some environmental nerds. TJ will dive into their project, some of the research they’re doing here in South Florida, and how people can get involved. But more importantly MORAES has been an example of going after something you want, and realizing the hardest part of any goal, project, or ambition is truly the first step.
Bio: TJ Morrell has been working in the marine science field here in South Florida for the past ten years. From working as a fisheries observer on commercial longline boats, to tagging Great White sharks in South Africa, to monitoring sea turtle nests on Virginia Key, to now working as the Science and Education Specialist for The Billfish Foundation, my passions have been focused on the ocean, the environment, and conservation and doing it all with a smile.