Join us May 12, 2022 *in person* at Gramps Bar, Wynwood.
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Caribbean Micronationalism: A Look Into Brazen Failures of the Past & Future
by Jason Katz

Recently, a group of investors purchased a small island off of the coast of Belize and declared it a country called the Principality of Islandia. Your presenter, Jason Katz---the publisher of a periodical called Islandia Journal---clearly took interest. They joke their efforts are tongue-in-cheek but the President of Belize thinks this is no laughing matter. Will they succeed? History says no. Join Jason Katz on a journey to other dubious, hair-brained nationalist schemes. It goes back to a fellow named Gregor Macgregor and even includes a member of the Hemingway family who - drumroll please - lived in Miami. 

Bio: Jason Katz was born and raised in Miami. He's the publisher of Islandia Journal, a quarterly (sub)tropical periodical of myth, folklore, history, ecology, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. He is a contributing editor for Burnaway Magazine. 
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Pelicans, Pesticides and You
by Samantha Martinez

A discussion about the most prevalent chemicals present in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, how they affect the birds in surrounding ecosystem and how we can help mitigate these effects.

Samantha was raised in the Redlands of South Dade and always wondered about the root of the illnesses she saw infecting wildlife in the area. Samantha went on to study Environmental Toxicology and Zoology to hopefully help with the continuing problem. She now helps teach others about the dangers that not only face the local environment but also ourselves as the Environmental Educator with Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

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by Leiona Noah, Shaun Lenihan, and Ashley Lago

Three passionate law students will discuss US drug policies and the different legal areas involved.  Drug-related policies touch on many legal considerations (healthcare, constitutional, patents, land use, product liability, labor, etc.) and shouldn't just be about criminal laws.   Join us as they discuss a comprehensive perspective of effective regulation.

About the speakers:
Leiona Noah, Shaun Lenihan, and Ashley Lago are all second-year law students with various professional backgrounds.  Leiona has worked in the business development aspects of clinical research.  Shaun's experience includes working as a paralegal, with a focus in labor and employment law.  Ashley's experience includes marketing, event planning, and hospitality.